Classes Begin September 7th

Monday Studio 1       

3:30-4:00 Competition

4:00-4:45 Teddy Bears

4:45-5:30 Lady Bugs

5:30-6:00 Hippity Hop 2

6:00-6:30 Hip Hop 1

6:30-7:00 Contemporary Fusion 2

7:00-7:30 Hip Hop 4

7:30 Production


Tuesday Studio 1     

5:00-5:30 Hippity Hop 1

6:30-6:00 L6 Tap

6:00-6:30 L6 Ballet

6:30-7:00 L6 Jazz

7:00 Competition


Wednesday Studio 1         

4:00-4:30 Competition

4:30-5:30 Kangaroos TB

5:30-6:00 L3 Tap

6:00-6:30 L3 Ballet

6:30-7:00 L3 Jazz

7:00-7:30 L1 Tap

7:30-8:00 Clogging 3 &4

8:00-9:00 L1 Ballet & Jazz


Thursday Studio 1    

4:00-4:30 Competition

4:30-5:00 Clogging 1

5:00-5:30 Hip Hop 2

5:30-6:00 Clogging 2

6:00-6:30 L5 Tap

6:30-7:00 L5 Ballet

7:00-7:30 L5 Jazz

Monday Studio 3

5:00-5:30 L4 Tap

5:30-6:00 L4 Ballet

6:00-6:30 L4 Jazz

6:30-7:00 Contemporary Fusion 1

7:00-7:30 Hip Hop 3


Tuesday Studio 3


 Wednesday Studio 3


6:00-7:00 L2 Ballet & Jazz

7:00-7:30 L2 Tap

7:30-8:00 Competition


Thursday Studio 3    


• Preschool: 45 minute creative ballet/tap combo class; students are introduced to movement and music
through the wonderful world of ballet and introduced to erythematic patterns of tap. (Performs one dance at spring recital)​

• Ballet:
Required for all girls. The foundation of all dance forms. Body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength, and technique are achieved through barre and center floor work.

• Tap: Preschool – Level 1. Tap is a style of American theatrical dance. Distinguished by percussion footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. Some descriptive step names are brush, flap, shuffle, ball change, and cramp roll.

• Jazz: Level 1-7. We challenge our students with many different forms of jazz, all high energy, but with different styles. These classes are popular with all ages and provide an added benefit cardiovascular exercise due to the high level of energy exerted. Jazz class is a fun and fast paced mixture of various techniques. Students must take jazz to be considered for hip hop.

• Clogging: Age 8 & up by August 1, must be enrolled in a tap class & have 2 years previous tap training. Clog dancing, sometimes called power tap-dancing is precision step dance with metal taps affixed to the toes and heels of dance shoes.​​

• Hippity Hop: Age 4 & up by August 1. An energetic style of movements for the younger generation to introduce Hip Hop in a Disney style atmosphere.​

• Hip Hop: Age 7 & up by August 1. Ballet not required for hip hop classes, but students taking ballet & jazz will have 1st consideration for class availability through registration day. Hip Hop is a blend of today’s high energy “street style” movement. Typically performed to “popular rap music”.

• Contemporary Fusion: Age 11 & up by August 1. Combination of lyrical, modern, and contemporary styles with choreography and improvisations.

The following classes will be offered in “sessions” throughout the dance year and not be a continuous yearly class, please watch for more information to follow for those sessions. 

• Barre Technique: Barre work includes both slow exercises, which stretch and warm up muscles, and fast exercises, which help dancers strengthen muscles and maintain technique at any speed. Each technique has a specific purpose, such as to strengthen feet, increase extension, improve flexibility, and help a dancer find their stability and balance while learning correct placement. Proper placement (positions of feet and arms in ballet) and posture is emphasized in all barre technique. Barre continues to be an important tool in all levels of dance. 

• Turn, Leap, and Flexibility Technique: A great way to take your dancing to the next level and focus on strength in these important areas, strongly encouraged for all competition dancers and student assistants. (this is a technique only class and will not perform at recital)